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November 10 2008

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YouTube - Parenting Fail
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September 14 2008

I’m impressed:  A clean, simple, easy-to-read page perfect for personal blogging or aggregation.
Andy DeSoto
Soup has the single best new-user experience I’ve ever seen on the web.
Thought Palace
Soup.io beats Friendfeed handily and gives Tumblr a run for its money, too.
Twitter / Ryan Joseph
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I'm finding blogging using Soup.io addictive. ... Trivially easy to do useful things
Twitter / Will Parker
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Among the top 5 most exciting web apps right now
— Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb
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September 06 2008

Soup.io: Extremely easy to use

Soup.io is a new startup with an extremely rich feature set. The site allows you to create a souplog on which you can easily post text, quotes, photos, videos and files.
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